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Erlang C Calculators for Call Centers

There are many Erlang calculators available for download, either free or at low cost. The best and most popular of these Erlang tools include -

Erlang C Product

Vendor Cost Graphs Rating         
 cc-Modeler Lite Free
(full version, not a demo)


 Erlang G Erlang-Software US$30
(free 7 day demo)


 EasyErlang Diagnostic Strategies No longer available No


 Merlang Pipkins US$399
(free demo version)


 Traffic Calculator Westbay Engineers US$139 No


Click on the product name above for more details, or to download


  •  We have only included full-featured Erlang calculators that run under Windows, not web-based tools

  •  There are also various Excel add-ins available, however these are generally part of a purchased product


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